About Chef Gavin
After obtaining his Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, he returned home to Vancouver to pursue his passion - creating the ultimate culinary experience. Gavin has worked in some of the most notable West Coast restaurants including La Belle Auberge where he completed his apprenticeship and obtained his Red Seal Trade Certification. Next, he spent three years expanding his culinary experience at Bishop’s where he became passionate about working with local, sustainable and organic food.
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About Chef Gavin
After working for ten years in some of Vancouver’s finest restaurants, Gavin decided it was time to bring his culinary skills direct to people in their homes.  The fusion of his professional and personal cooking prompted the creation of Chef du Jour. Gavin is committed to helping you reclaim dinner time, whether it’s getting your family back to the dinner table for meals together, being able to enjoy quality homemade food in the comfort of your home or simply by giving you more time before the meal is served.