Gavin Craig:
Personal Chef
When you get home at the end of a busy day, do you fret about what to make for dinner?
Does your hectic schedule keep you from eating as well as you want? Does your dinner routine involve take-out, restaurants or a drive-through? Perhaps you rush around town to pick up groceries, scramble to cook dinner then clean up the kitchen only to repeat the process the next day? Wouldn’t it be nicer to come home and have a homemade, gourmet meal waiting for you?
There is an easy solution...
Gavin Craig’s Chef du Jour personal chef service provides quality gourmet meals crafted especially for you!
Chef du Jour personal chef service will give you back time to spend with your family enjoying fresh meals prepared with local, sustainable and organic ingredients in the comfort of your own home. You skip the time-consuming work of menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. Plus, you don’t compromise quality, taste or nutrition.  
Chef du Jour personal chef service serves Vancouver Lower Mainland clients.
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What’s For Dinner?