What benefits do you get from having my personal chef services?
“A healthy, absolutely delicious meal is ready within minutes. You are having restaurant quality food in your own home.” - M&C Godwin
“There are all kinds of benefits....including that the fridge and pantry are both professionally managed - wow this is great!” - A. Lowe & B. Potvin
“We eat better. I don’t have to worry about my food allergies, and it is cheaper then eating out.” - R&K Hines
What is the most important thing(s) you think people should know about my services?
“Your service is top notch, very professional, responsive to personal needs, congenial and casual, and very good value for dollar. Always some extra food surprise or healthy treat each week. It is easy to incorporate Chef Gavin’s service into your life- he is like having a special Mom at home making delicious meals.” - A. Lowe & B.Potvin
“That you work with people to cater the food options to their budgets, tastes, allergies and specifications” - R&K Hines