How it works
As a seasoned and professional food aficionado who is passionate about his craft, Chef Gavin’s attention to detail begins with creative thinking and imagination about which menu items will get you excited for dinner.

First, we’ll meet and discuss your meal needs, preferences and schedule.
Each week will begin with a menu being prepared and sent to you in advance via email. Then we’ll discuss modifications including any additions you may want.
Next Gavin carefully selects the finest ingredients from local grocers, traveling to different venues as necessary to bring fresh, local, organic, sustainable ingredients to your kitchen.   Chef Gavin then prepares your meals in your kitchen.
Your meals for the week will be waiting for you when you arrive home along with simple instructions. Just heat and enjoy the meals in the comfort, privacy and serenity of your own home.
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Birthday: March 27th
Status: Married
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Here’s how it works
Wondering if Gavin’s Chef du Jour service is right for you?
Do any of these statements apply to you?
*Lack of time and other priorities prevent me from preparing meals at home.
*Wondering what to cook my family for dinner weighs on my mind.
*I throw out groceries that have gone bad simply because I don’t have time to cook.
*I enjoy gourmet food but don’t like the time, cooking or clean-up involved.
*I want to make healthier food choices.