Is it affordable?
Gavin Craig’s Chef du Jour service is priced competitively. Utilizing the services of a personal chef can save you money, especially when you consider the total cost of eating out at restaurants, ordering take-out, and throwing out wasted groceries. The costs add up especially when you factor in the amount of time you spend menu planning, shopping for groceries and cooking meals.
Weekly Service - $240 per week:
*Four to five meals per week.
*Minimum two servings per dish (depending on the dish, there may be leftovers to enjoy for lunch the next day).
*Includes base charge of 1 hour menu planning and 1 hour grocery shopping per week
*Plus reimbursement of total grocery costs.
Bi-Weekly service also available.
Private Dining, Special Events:
Share the Personal Chef experience with close friends and family. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two served by the Chef, or a dinner party for ten, Chef Gavin delivers a sophisticated, tasteful culinary experience for your special occasion.
Contact Chef Gavin:
(604) 716-2461
Serving Vancouver Lower Mainland
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Is it affordable?